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Gay is the new black.
November 11, 2008, 11:49 am
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Lost in a lot of the jubilance from last weeks momentous electoral victory is one big loss.  It comes in the form of an audacious proposition in California called Prop 8 and it’s goal is to eliminate same-sex marriages from California.  Not too long ago, the California Supreme Court issued a decision to make all marriages legal, regardless of sexual orientation.  Now, because of a highly funded campaign by members of various churches, and a slight majority of the people in CA, that right has been revoked through referrendum.

This is a terrible travesty for California and for the country as a whole.  This proposition was not to allow same-sex marriages that then got defeated.  This was a proposition to revoke a right that has already been conferred.  The people of California had been experiencing life with gay marriage for a number of months already… I didn’t see anyone’s life or hetero marriage utterly destroyed by that fact (as the supporters of 8 claimed).  Now though, many lives will be affected.  Many people who want to have the chance to commit their love for one another have no ability to do that now.  

All to protect the so-called ‘sanctity of marriage’?  Give me a fucking break.  In a culture where one-night stands and 50% divorce rates are common-place, you are crying about the ‘sanctity of marriage’?  In a culture where not 50 years ago, a black man could not marry a white woman, you are worried about preserving the tradition of marriage?  In a country where the parents of our president-elect could not have been married in at least 17 states when their son was born, on the day of the election of that man to the presidency, and on the day of our highest racial barrier broken, you are actively trying to dial back civil rights that would progress this nation further? Is this really your agenda, with so much going on in the world?

I honestly don’t know what else to say, other than it is a terrible moment in civil rights history, on an otherwise groundbreaking occasion.  Keith Olbermann devoted his special comment to it last night on Countdown, and I’ll just let him speak for me:


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