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Surrogates Land in NC, bigtime
October 26, 2008, 12:41 pm
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One of the perks of being a battleground state in a hotly contested election is that you get all the cool surrogates to come through and make the case for the candidates.  Two cases in point, with slideshow, are below.

Last week, James “of the honey voice” Taylor came through to play a short set and talk about why he is supporting Obama.  He was fun, funny, and of course came with that perfect pitch.  Not really a huge Taylor fan myself, but I loved hearing him live, as I’m sure all the rest of the couple thousand member crowd did as well.  Truly a performer:

Then, last Thursday, we were graced with the presence of the number one surrogate for Obama, Joe Biden himself.  He came to Raleigh and had a rally (heh) in an outdoor amphitheater at Meredith college on a cool night.  We got there around 6 for a 7 o’clock event, and found the line to be really long and really slow moving.  Apparently, there were all of two metal detectors for the whole crowd to get through, so it was moving really slowly.  We were informed that at 7, they would nix the metal detectors and everyone would get in quickly, which was nice.  We later found out that we would be segregated into the ‘weaponized zone’ as I liked to call it, and I couldn’t get very close to the front or really anywhere outside of the yellow-taped area to get some better shots, alas.  Also, there was a small contingent (about 9 people) outside the entrance with signs claiming “Meredith for McCain”.  Didn’t realize the entire population of Meredith college consisted of those 9 people, but oh well.  Enjoy the limited eye-candy…


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