1000 Doors for Obama — 1 month, 1000 doors, $5000

24 days left: Roxboro Rally
October 12, 2008, 1:13 am
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Yesterday I trucked up to Roxboro, North Carolina to go to an ad hoc Obama event hosted in the center of the historic downtown.  For a bit of perspective, here is how Roxboro went in ’04.  


Vote from 2004 in Person County

Vote from 2004 in Person County



The folks at the event seemed really excited to even be having a Democratic event in this red town, and the energy level for the small gathering was very high.  There was a jazz group (which I believe played at a similar Obama event in Durham about a week or two ago) playing when I arrived, along with your standard bevy of booths and vendors.  

I met up my good friend and fellow “do nothing but volunteer for Obama for a month” comrade Maital Guttman (check out her site for some cool videos of campaign events) and two of her pals from Greensboro at the event.  It was good to see Maital, and she brought along her own ‘act’ for the show.  In addition to your standard door knocking and phone banking, Maital, a film-maker by trade, has decided to use her video background to try to persuade voters.  She and her pals have been showing up at public events (invited as the case was in Roxboro, but often just guerilla-style) with a computer and a video projector and playing movies featuring Obama’s speeches or other Obama-related videos (‘Yes We Can’, ‘Don’t Vote’, and ‘I got a crush on Obama’ were some of the crowd pleasers).

So overall, Person county is fired up, and wouldn’t it be nice to add another blue neighbor to Durham this year…

Enjoy the photos.


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