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My Thoughts on “that one”
October 8, 2008, 12:18 am
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Well that one the debate just ended a bit ago, and it was kind of boring.  No big headlines, no big game changers, and the format was terrible.  The mutual disrespect between the two men on stage was palpable.  Tom Brokaw clearly had no control over the debate and the amount of time that each candidate had to speak.  If he wanted to keep them honest to the rules, he should have cut them off at the end of the time constraints.  If he wanted to let them speak freely and actually debate, he shouldn’t have bitched between each question that they were taking too much time.  And they should have been allowed to ‘debate’ the issues, not just try to speed talk through.  The format of the Lehrer debate was much better, evidenced by the fact that we hardly saw Lehrer at all.  Also, Brokaw kind of took questions in interesting ways.  Who the hell cares if they think health care should be viewed as a commodity?  Seriously, was anyone wondering that?

Once again, here are some other random comments, with no apparent associations to radical domestic terrorists:

– This was not a town hall meeting.  The ‘participants’ were props.  

– Total Mentions of the words “middle class” by McCain in both debates so far: 0.

– Warren Buffet as Treasury Secretary – Interesting especially considering the active role Buffet has been playing in using the private sector to help rejuvenate the economy, but of course you’re not going to get either of them to commit to members of their cabinet.  McCain’s nod to Meg Whitman, CEO of eBay, on a day where it was announced that 10% of eBay workers were getting the pink slip may not have been the best tactical move.  Even weirder – McCain in response to who would be his Treasury Secretary “not you Tom” – terrible joke.

– “I wrote a letter to fix the economy!  And you weren’t on it Senator Obama!”

– “That one” voted for it – wow.  McCain just referred to Obama as “that one.”  Seriously that was the strangest moment in politics I’ve ever seen.  Not to mention the not so subtle racial undertones.  Or maybe it was just an old man moment, but weird nonetheless.

– league of democracies – Ok this is something that has annoyed me before.  We have a United Nations, and every time McCain says we need a League of Democracies, what he’s really trying to say is that he hates the fact that Russia and China have veto power in the UN.  The so-called League of Democracies is just a euphemism for giving a big middle finger to Russia/China for not hatin’ on Iran enough.

– I think there was one ‘truth’ moment in the debate tonight – the question of whether health care is a right, a responsibility, or a privilege.  I am fairly confident, given their answers, that this was not a question that they had prepped for.  McCain gave a sort of strange answer, saying that it was a responsibility, but without really mentioning whose responsibility it was.  Obama came back with a stellar answer – saying essentially that it is a right that as one of the wealthiest nations on earth, we take care of our citizens.  He tacked to a story which he has mentioned before on the stump about his mother spending her final days as a 53-year-old cancer victim fighting insurance companies from her hospital bed.  

– McCain wants to buy up bad mortgages? Ok, this may be newsworthy.  McCain seemingly just proposed that the government spend another untold hundreds of billions of dollars to buy all those crap mortgages.  I’m sure the free-market zealots on the right will looove that.

– No one cares about Williams Ayers.

– Obama: Now McCain says I’m the green behind the ears, spoutin’ off stuff.  And that he’s the one who’s somber and measured

McCain: (creepy smile) Heh, Thanks!

Obama: Well he’s also the same one who said Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran.  And who said we need to annihilate North Korea.  And who said ‘next up Baghdad’ when we had just invaded Afghanistan.  

This right here folks, is the definition of rope-a-dope.  Reel ’em in, then lay ’em out.

– McCain is the one with the “steady hand on the tiller”?

– McCain left right after the debate ended, Obama stuck around for about 30 minutes talking to what seemed to be every single participant in the hall.

– If you were watching on CNN with the little squiggly line thingy, you probably already realize this, but Obama clearly did better than McCain on almost every single question.  Then again, you also probably didn’t need a little squiggly line thingy to tell you that.

– Props to Nic for “I don’t know what the unexpected will be.”  A truly profound quote in McCain’s closing arguments. 

– McCain and Obama clearly hate sharing the stage.  They have nothing but disdain for one another (perhaps rightfully so).

Overall final thoughts:  Obama won, or tied, in which case he won.  That is, if voters actually made it through this yawner.  I know at least one person who didn’t. *nudge*

Once again, below, for your viewing pleasure, is my Wordle analysis of the debate.  For those of you unfamiliar with Wordle, it creates a word cloud with larger words representing higher frequency of use.  The first one is from Obama’s transcript from the debate, and second is from McCains.  Enjoy.


Obama's Debate Wordle

Obama's Wordle


McCains Wordle

McCains Wordle

Obama: Think People!!  Here’s what I’m going to do.  (I also like that it (perhaps coincidentally, but also presciently) says “got McCain going”…) 

McCain: My friends, United American Americans from America American People, I know stuff, my friends.


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you guys, if you blur your eyes enough, you can see a fiery pheonix from hell in McCain’s wordle. it’s a magic eye!

obama’s is a faerie suckling nectar from a tulip.

Comment by jchap

Just finished watching the 2nd debate. As an African-American male I hate the fact that due to the social constraints to which Obama is shackled he cannot attack McCaint w/ the same vigor and viciousness as his “bad ole boy” opponent. 1st debate he doesn’t even show enough respect for Obama to look at him, as if he could turn to a different type of stone as opposed to his already stiff, granite shell. Gritting through his words as if he wanted to go across the aisle and show that whipper snapper Obama a thing or two.
McCaint is doing all he can using all the old stereotypical tricks used in the past when running against the big bad black man to attempt to portray us as the boogeyman. If the last 8 years have proven anything it is that the black man is the LAST thing white people have to fear in this country, Baby Bush is the absolute antithesis of a black man and he has singlehandedly driven this country to the bowels of hell, twice!

I had to turn the channel when McCaint referred to Obama as and I quote, “that one” and the old dirty bastard had the gall to sneer when he said it. Wow. McCaint is running the same campaign that Baby Bush used to win but the problem is that his tactics are a direct reflection of how he looks, old and tired.

Palin is almost too idiotic to warrant comment. She’s playing the role of McCaint’s junkyard attack dog, and looking the part to boot. She’s just not pretty enough to pass for monkey cute and she’s become a media darling, I’ll use my favorite word of 2K8 taught to me by Faber, she’s a celebutard! This chick’s husband was a member of a group that wants to secede from Palin’s supposed beloved United States and this is someone we want as a nation in the Whitehouse? Amazing! In my opinion the Obama camp needs to seriously launch a campaign belaboring this point. The last time someone attempted to secede from the U.S. their goal was to continue the enslavement of black people. Nuff said.

I am thankful though that in this day and time the Repugnacaints are hurting just as bad as the rest of us and even they are ready for a new day. I’m so glad that perinial non-issues of gay marraige and Roe v. Wade have had to take a back seat to the real issues at hand in this country.

Back to the “that one” comment, he might as well have said, “that N word right there!” as far as I’m concerned. His being old is no excuse for his overt racist nature, and the fact that he’s a Senator from Arizona is of no surprise to me. All that believe in the power of prayer, it is time for us to get down on our knees and pray to GOD Almighty that Obama wins or I’m seriously thinking about moving to Canada for about 3 1/2 years!

Peace 2 u all,

The Mad Afrikan!

Comment by The Mad Afrikan

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