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Darn Right Ya Betcha’ Don’tcha know doggonit
October 3, 2008, 12:56 am
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This just about sums it up.

This just about sums it up.

Ok, so she didn’t fall over, or say she thought we should go invade Mexico or something ridiculous.  So, therefore, naturally, SHE WON!!  Woo!  She can construct a sentence!  She can recite talking points!  She can even field dress a Moose!  Of course, its easier when you can just say whatever you have written down on your notes, regardless of the question asked.



Um, seriously?  Reality check for a moment here.  We’re talking about the Vice Presidency here.  Even if you nitpick about her ability to answer the so-called ‘gotcha’ questions (see Couric, Katie), Palin showed that she is clearly more interested in getting across her grating folksiness and relied heavily on inch-deep talking points.  But even more disturbing was her seeming lack of an interest in the topics at hand.  She was very adept at reciting what she was told at her debate camp, but offered no depth or insight.

Here are my reactions, presented with no forethought or preparations, just like my weekly meetings with Ahmadinjad:

– Palin said she wanted to expand the role of the Vice Presidency.  I think this will be the dark horse answer that doesn’t get the post-debate punditry, but will come back to haunt her.  It is pretty presumptuous for a candidate for office to propose that her/his office have expanded powers in any race, but in the wake of the extraordinarily dangerous expansion of powers by Dick Cheney, its extra scary.  Lets not beat around the bush here, she said she wanted to have more control over the legislative branch of government from the vice-presidency…  let that sink in for a second in light of the massive expansion of the executive that has gone on over the last eight.  

– When Biden had a really good and thoughtful answer, Palin fell back on attacks.  ” …   …   …  Your plan is a white flag of surrender!  Nannee nanee boo boo.  And you hate America!  *wink* *point* *smile*”

– “Did I mention I’m from Alaska?”

– Maverick!!

– “What was that question again?  Oh wait, who cares, let me talk about Alaska.  And, um, energy!”

– Biden was strong – in that he is not being talked about at all in the post-game.  No foot-in-the-mouth Biden, as much as Bill O’Reilly was hoping for it.

– Biden was strong – in that he had substantively deep answers to every question, especially in the foreign policy realm.  (Even though for a portion of this he seemed kinda boring, until the second half of the debate where he seemed to find his footing and nail McCain again and again and again)

– Palin was weak – in that she had trouble defending and explaining in any detail almost all of McCain’s policies, or how they are different from Bush.

– “Past is prologue” – brilliant. 

-Come on Biden, its Drill Baby Drill!  Get the mantra right!  We are thirsty for oil… mmm… oil… ahhhghhh…  If you are playing the drinking game at home, take a shot of sweet crude.

– Pat Buchanan looks like a moron on TV.  He can, with a straight face, say, “I think that she not only dominated the debate, she beat Joe Biden badly”, while at the same, on TV, in graphics, taking up the whole screen were two subsequent polls of who won the debate, with Biden winning in both, 46% to 21% in the CBS poll, and 51% to 36% in the CNN poll.

– Folksiness Factor was through the roof (as indicated in my post title). Maybe it was just me, but I thought it was kind of grating and unsympathetic.  Her little dig at Biden that his joke wasn’t funny I thought was pretty shallow.  Winking at the crowd/camera, the rolling of the eyes, the sarcastic grins, came off kinda nasty to me, but then again, maybe she can just flirt her way to office.  But what really got me pissed at her was right after Biden bared his soul and recalled the terrible feelings of not knowing if his son was going to survive the horrific car crash that took his wife and daughter’s lives.  Here was Biden completely unscripted, sharing a moment with the world after being somewhat patronized by Palin about not knowing what its like to raise a family.  How does Palin respond?  Not by trying to empathize, like most probably would, or by an expression of condolence, but by reverting to McCain is a maverick and we’ll ruffle some feathers, or some crap like that.  Furthermore, she clearly seemed to not know Biden’s story, or else she probably wouldn’t have taken the dig in the first place that he doesn’t know how to raise a family.  But then again, she wasn’t the nominee yet when Biden talked about it at the DNC, so I guess its ok.

– Biden’s cadence of ‘McCain is not a maverick’ was nice and should be repeated ad nauseum on the stump.

– “I may not answer the questions the way that either the moderator or you want to hear.”  I expect Sean Hannity probably spilled his popcorn in glee on hearing this.  The right is spinning this as debate strategy – “it shows she’s an accomplished and intelligent debater!  Duh!”  This kind of sabotages the format a bit, don’tcha think?

– Alaska Alaska Alaska Alaska.  Wasilla!  Alaska!  Maverick!

 – On Biden’s wife, a teacher, Palin said: “God Bless her, her reward’s in heaven, right?”  And right after that, you could just barely hear the sound of all of America’s teachers pulling the lever for Obama.  I’m sure Obama will say something to the effect of “The teacher’s rewards will certainly be in heaven, but in the meantime, I think we should probably pay them a little better while they are with us here on Earth.”

– Palin’s lapel pin could eat Biden’s and crap a hundred little yellow ribbon magnets.

– So much for the whole Biden will look like he’s a patronizing womanizing sexist meme.

– Go back and listen to Biden say “He doesn’t even want to meet with the leader of Spaaaaainnnnn.”  Priceless.

-“Ah, say it ain’t soh Joeh, thur you go agin, pointing bahckwards again though.  You prefaced your whole cahmment with ‘thu Bush Administraytion’ now doggonit lets look ahead and tell Americans what we have to plan to do for them in the future.”  This was the moment when i actually stood up and hit myself in the face. 

– Biden’s story about how he doesn’t challenge people’s motives was strong.  Palin, on the same question, demurred.

– Gwen Ifill, although I was wishing she would point out that Palin was ignoring questions and saying whatever she wanted, did a great job, as did Lehrer last week.

– The format sucked though.  It would have been better if, like, you know, maybe, there was some actual debating.  The format last week of the presidential debate should be the standard.  By the way, that was the standard, until the McCain campaign got it changed around ostensibly to benefit Palin… jus sayin.

– Expectations Game Post-Game – Republicans obviously think she won and are totally excited.  Democrats feel probably pretty good that it was not a game changer.  The media had depressed expectations so low for the whole thing that because she successfully kept breathing throughout, the returns are all that she ‘surpassed expectations’.   People were writing her political obituary.  So Republicans are obviously thrilled, because a win means they still have a shred of a campaign left.  I guess Democrats are probably reasonably happy too, because although there wasn’t a nationally televised brain-related event, there also wasn’t any game-changer that will swing polls back to McCain.  Neither of them did themselves any real harm, and they both probably did themselves some good.  Campaign goes on like it never happened.

– Overall, Biden clearly looked much more presidential and statesmanlike.  Palin looked like a happy student who got all her talking points in and thought she like totally at least nailed an A- on her oral report.  Of course, who knows how the pundit class will grade them.


Oh yea, Alaska.  And, um… MAVERICK!


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I love the excerpts. In that spirit…

“I don’t know what the unexpected will be.”
-John McCain

A bold admission from a man in his last few years.

Comment by Nic

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